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THE EGYPTIANS - The twin themes - the overwhelming importance of the Nile and the pharaoh - provide the unifying thread running through Cyril Aldred's classic text. Aidan Dodson has completely revised the book whilst carefully preserving its succinct and lucid qualities. Many significant recent finds are investigated: at Abydos in the Delta, in the Valley of the Kings; at the pyramids of Abusir, Giza and Saqqara; and at Avaris. Much fresh thinking on the first unification of Egypt, her early kings, and the third intermediate period is included. The dating has been revised throughout to accord with the most up-to- date scholarship, and many new photographs have been incorporated. The bibliography has been revised and expanded, and a complete chronology and list of kings is included for the first time.

Condition: Very Good apart from slight damage to the front cover

Paperback - ISBN: 0500280363 Pages: 224 - Author: Cyril Aldred - Publisher: Thames & Hudson

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