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THE CRADLE KING - A Life of James VI & I
THE CRADLE KING - A Life of James VI & I

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Alan Stewart's impeccably researched new biography makes brilliant use of original sources to bring to life the conversations and the controversies of the Jacobean age. From James's 'inadvised' relationships with a series of favourites and Gentlemen of the Bedchamber to his conflicts with a Parliament which refused to fit its legislation to the Monarch's will, Stewart lucidly untangles the intricacies of James's life. In doing so, he uncovers the extent to which Charles I's downfall was caused by the cracks that appeared in the monarchy during his father's reign.

Condition - Very Good
Hardback - ISBN: 0701169842 Pages: 438 - Author: Alan Stewart - Publisher: Chatto & Wyndus

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