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SUBTERRANEAN ROME - Under the monumental Rome lies another Rome with its fascinating and unsuspected treasures of art and history. There are nympheums, places of pleasure and physical and spiritual refreshment; columbaria with their astonishing funerary architecture; and hypogeums and underground passages that still preserve precious works of art beneath churches, palaces and even in the basements of unpromising-looking houses. However, subterranean Rome does not consist only of mysterious and sacred places, for we also find urban and secular structures like the quarters of the Seventh Cohort of Guards, or the famous Golden House, the Domus Aurea. This text provides a cross-section that best embodies the variegated panorama of subterranean Rome.

Condition - Very Good
Paperback - ISBN: 8877432810 Pages: 191 - Author: Ivana Della Portella - Publisher: Arsenale

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