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PEOPLE, LAND & TIME - The book comprises three important interwoven strands. First, fundamental factors such as environmental change and .population pressures are addressed in order to sketch the contextual variables of landscape production. Second, the evolution of the humanized landscape is discussed in terms of processes such as clearing the wood, the impact of agriculture, the creation of urban -industrial complexes, and it is also treated in historical periods such as the pre-industrial, the modern and postmodern. From this we can see the cultural and economic signatures of human societies at different times and places. Finally, examples of landscape types are selected in order to illustrate the ways in which landscape both represents and participates in social change.

Condition - Fair (cover a bit creased but inside in clean condition)
Paperback - Pages:286 - ISBN: 0340677147 - Authors: Peter Atkins, Ian Simmons & Brian Roberts - Publisher: Arnold

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