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ENGLAND'S FIRST CASTLE - The story of a 1000-year-old mystery - in early September 1051, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles recorded that the French had built a castle in the county of Herefordshire. yet for centuries the circumstances behind the construction of this castle and its actual location have remained a mystery. In the first ever account of this subject, Terry Wardle explains the troubled history of eleventh-century England, constantly at threat from Scandinavian raiders and torn by civil conflict between the monarchy and powerful Anglo-Saxon families. Investigating the mysteries, identities and power struggles behind the creation of the castle, the book traces events to a then unknown Norman soldier who snatched his place in history with the building of the first castle in England, fifteen years before the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Condition - Very Good
Paperback - ISBN: 9780752447971 Pages: 139 - Author: Terry Wardle - Publisher: The History Press

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