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BAHCO100   100m BAHCO open reel tape
14Trug   14 ltr Trug Bucket
VGP001   150mm Digital LCD Caliper / Vernier (Plastic Tips)
VG001   150mm Digital LCD Caliper / Vernier Tool
152mRol   152m Mason's Line (Green)
PINKRol   152m Mason's Line (Pink)
RSP020   20cm Red Plastic Survey Pegs (10)
YSP020   20cm Yellow Plastic Survey Pegs (10)
Roll25   25 pocket heavy duty tool roll
Linepin   3 piece Line Pin Set
Labmix4   4 inch Finds Label (per 40)
Lab001   5 inch Finds Label (per 50)
BAHCO50   50m BAHCO open reel tape
SN01   6 inch Steel Nail
SamPo02   60mm Sample Pots (6)
A2Draw0   A2 Drawing Board
A3Draw   A3 Drawing Board
WWrA3   A3 Landscape WeatherWriter
clipa3   A3 Rapesco Masonite Clipboard
A4Draw   A4 Drawing Board
clipa4   A4 Rapesco Masonite Clipboard
AHD01   Air Hand Duster
LL001   Aluminium Line Level
LL006   Aluminium Line Level (pack of 6)
PLANFRAM   Archaeological Planning Frame
SA001   Archaeologists Essentials Tool Kit
Archtoolbox   Archaeologists Toolbox
Bartap   Archaeology Barrier Tape
ABr04   Archaeology Brush 4 inch
ETRL_01   Archaeology Essentials Kit (Leather Roll)
PIC01   Archaeology mini-pick set (6 Piece)
AFT   Archive Quality Acid Free Tissue
PIC20   Bamboo picks pack of 20
BaTap   Barrier Tape: Red and White: 60mm x 200m
Bsieve   Beech Sieve with 1/4 inch (6mm) mesh
SAC02   Belgian army WWII satchel
BB001   Bic Cristal Ball Pen - black (box of 20)
FR001   Birch Folding Ruler - 2m
clipfold   Black Rapesco Fold-Over Clipboard
Bookmark   Bookmark photo scale pack of 5
Bookskel   Bookmark skeleton pack of 5
Brdspad   Border spade
Brdspad5   Border spade (per 5)
BWT02   Boxwood Tool Set (6)
BASB01   British Army camo shoulder bag
BrushKiT   Brush Kit
BULK100   BULK SAMPLE polythene bags 500g 15" x 20" (375x500mm) (100)
BULK20   BULK SAMPLE polythene bags 500g 15" x 20" (375x500mm) (20)
BYPass   By-Pass Secateurs
CbleT0010   Cable tie 8" (per 100)
CanT01   Cane Tops (pack of 10)
Bpblack   Canvas backpack
Bpolive   Canvas backpack
NB004   Chartwell Watershed Waterproof Book
CB001   Clear Hinged Lidded Box 57x44x19mm
CB002   Clear Hinged Lidded Box 79x54x29mm
CB005   Clear Lidded Box 124x82x22mm
LongBox8   Clear plastic long box 8 compartment
TopzipS10   Clear plastic top zip bag (pack of 10) 125x90mm
Topzip10   Clear plastic top zip bag (pack of 10) 320x230mm
ZipA3   Clear plastic zippa bag (pack of 5) A3
ZipA4   Clear plastic zippa bag (pack of 5) foolscap
BX15   Clicklock Box - 15 Compartment
CC0010   Closed Case Fibreglass 30m Tape
TBr01   Coco Bristle Tar Brush
Comp1   Compass
ConRec   Context list sheets pack of 5
ContxRec   Context record cards pack of 25
CG001   Contour Gauge 150mm
CG002   Contour Gauge 300mm
WSH01   Contractors Hard Hat
BWCC   Credit Card black and white photography scale
CCPS   Credit Card photography scale
OpLevel24   CST Berger 24x Optical Level
DelBr001   Delicate Brush - 1.5 inch
DelicKiT   Delicate excavation kit in zip case
DelicateKit03   Delicate excavation tool kit
DPWrap   Derwent Pencil Roll
DCal_Set01   Digital Caliper Set
DsNA1   Double sided North Arrow
a2DrF   Drafting Film (Permatrace) A2 (25 sheets)
DF025   Drafting Film (Permatrace) A3 cut sheets (25 sheets)
DF001   Drafting Film (Permatrace) A3 cut sheets (50 sheets)
A4DrF25   Drafting Film (Permatrace) A4 (25 sheets)
A4DrF   Drafting Film (Permatrace) A4 (50 sheets)
DF003   Drafting Film Roll (Permatrace) 841mm x 20m
DrawRec   Drawing list sheets pack of 5
DraWrp   Drawing Wrap
DHFP35   Dutch 35 Ltr Field Pack
DdataC0   Fieldworker Data Cards
FB009   Finds bags 10 x 14 inches (per 100)
FB005   Finds Bags 15 x 20 inches (per 25)
FB001   Finds Bags 2.25 x 3 inches (per 100)
FB002   Finds Bags 3.5 x 4.5 inches (per 100)
FB003   Finds Bags 4 x 5.5 inches (per 100)
FB010   Finds Bags 4.5 x 4.5 inches (per 100)
FB008   Finds bags 5x7.5 inches (per 100)
FB006   Finds bags 6 x 9 inches (per 100)
FB811   Finds Bags 8x11 inches (per 100)
FB004   Finds Bags 9 x 12.75 inches (per 100)
FindsBrush   Finds Brushes (5 piece)
FindRec   Finds list sheets pack of 5
PhotoKit   Finds photo kit
FiTray_1   Finds tray
FiTray_10   Finds tray (per 10)
FNP_01   Fine point Needle Pick
Fintherm   Fingerless thermal gloves
FA003   First aid kit
BC001   Foldback Clips 41mm (box of 12)
GAS01   German Army Shirt (size 40)
NitGlvGreen   Green Nitrile Disposable Gloves
GridDraft02   Gridded Drafting Film (Permatrace) 25 sheets
GridDraft01   Gridded Drafting Film (Permatrace) 50 sheets
GmatA201   Gridded flex cutting mat - A2
GmatA301   Gridded flex cutting mat - A3
Gripclip70   Grip Clips 70 mm (box of 10)
PhotoGrboard   Grooved Photo Board Set with 19mm White Characters and Numbers
HB001   Hand Brush
HB010   Hand Brush (pack of 10)
HS002   Hand shovel - 4 inch
HS010   Hand shovel - 4 inch (pack of 10)
HS001   Hand shovel - 5 inch
HS510   Hand shovel - 5 inch (pack of 10)
Tally   Handheld Tally Counter
Tpin12OR   Hard Ground Trench Pegs (12)
Tpin04GR   Hard Ground Trench Pegs (4)
Tpin04OR   Hard Ground Trench Pegs (4)
SA01   Hardened Steel Survey Arrows
Haver002olive   Haversack
Haver003sand   Haversack
HvyBag   HEAVY DUTY 350g Finds Bags 18 x 10 inches (per 25)
FB007   HEAVY DUTY Finds Bags 12 x 16 inches (per 25)
HDHsack   Heavy duty haversack
HV01   Hi-Viz Waistcoat (EN471 class 2)
InCal01   Igaging Digital Inside Caliper
OutCal01   Igaging Digital Outside Calipers
Rigkid   Kids Rigger Glove
KSGlov   Kids Safety Glove
KM001   Kneeling Mat
KM010   Kneeling Mat (per 10)
Lshape   L-shaped photo scale
Lshape30   L-shaped photo scale
FA002   Large First Aid Kit
Latxglov   Latex grip gloves
PL002   Leads (3H) for 0.7mm pencil
PL001   Leads (4H) for 0.5mm pencil
PSL5H   Leads (5H) for 0.5mm pencil
LTR_01   Leather Tool Roll
CompLens   Lensatic Sighting Compass
LWS01   Lightweight Plastic Sieve
Thumbr1   Little brush
Lithin7   Little hinged lid plastic box
LLone   Lock and Lock Container 2.6Ltr
LL350002   Lock and Lock Container 350ml
LLlong1   Lock&Lock Long Container 1 litre
LL870   Lock&Lock Square Container 870ml
Mag011   Magnet
PnFlg01   Marker Flag (blue) per 10
PnFlg02   Marker Flag (Orange) per 10
PnFlg04   Marker Flag (Red) per 10
PnFlg03   Marker Flag (White) per 10
PnFlg05   Marker Flag (Yellow) per 10
MT001   Masking tape
BL002   Mason's Line
BL001   Mason's Line (white)
MPS01   Metal Pencil Sharpener
MiniScale01   Micro - Digital Scales
MMSC01xxxx   Micro-Microscope
Mosnet   Midge/mosquito micro headnet
MinMat0   Mini Mattock
MiniScale   Mini Triangular Scale Ruler
KARmug   Mug with karabiner handle
RngRd010   Multi-Section Ranging Pole (2m)
Turn_01   Multifunctional 360 Turntable (25cm)
Neverbend   Neverbend Root Breaker
TW001   Nylon tipped sorting Tweezers
BCan01   Pack of 25 Bamboo Canes
SITEREVIEW   Past Horizons Reviews
Pfaid   Personal first aid kit
Pboard2   Photo Board Set with 19mm White Characters and Numbers
LiCube   Photo Light Box Tent Cube (50cm)
PhotRec   Photo record sheets pack of 5
BWphsc10   Photo scale - 10cm
BWphsc15   Photo scale - 15cm
BWphsc20   Photo scale - 20cm
BWphsc30   Photo scale - 30cm
BWphsc5   Photo scale - 5cm
BWphset   Photo scale set of 4
PS2box   Photo scales (2) in plastic box
BWphsc510   Photo scales in plastic zip bag - 5cm & 10cm
PS15cm   Photography Scale - 15cm
PHb   Plastic handled brush
Box7   Plastic stackable box 7 compartment
Box8   Plastic stackable box 8 compartment
PLAST12   Plastic Tool Set (12)
PlasTwez   Plastic Tweezers
PB002   Plumb bob
PoCom   Pocket Compass
PolyPages_1   Poly file A4 size
ProDraw   Professional Drawing Roll

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