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  Ultimate Digital Caliper Set
Ultimate Digital Caliper Set

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Digital Caliper Set - Inside and Outside PLUS a Digital Vernier Guage

Outside and Inside Digital Caliper from Igaging - a revolution for illustrators and ceramic specialists

   * Large LCD Display
   * Spring-Loaded travel with trigger and easy hold handle
   * Alloy Jaws, Chrome finish
   * Inch, Metric and Fractional Readings with the essential Hold Function
   * Reads to a maximum of 24cm wide
   * accuracy of less than 0.1mm

The outside callipers have a span in excess of 239 mm and the inside callipers in excess of 257 mm, with what we are assured an accuracy of 0.01mm. The moulded knife shaped handles are ribbed for grip and the callipers manipulated by the use of a finger trigger.

Brilliant when taking a reading and then just click hold...   no more remembering a measurement or losing it when you pull the caliper out of a pot.  you can even just read it straight off the digital lcd panel.

Add to that a hardened steel Electronic Vernier Guage

   Size: 250 x 50 x 6 mm
   Measuring range: 0–150 mm/ 0–6 inch
   o For <100 mm : +/- 0.02 mm/ 0.001 inch
   o For >100 – 150 mm: +/- 0.03 mm/ 0.001 inch
    Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 inch

If you are serious about what you do.  This will save time and make recording easier.  We are proud to bring this revolution to you!

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